Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Baby steps

I spent my last week and a few days this week trying to find the perfect first bug in order to start contributing.
It was tough...
I felt like a lost child in a big mall. You have so much choice that it becomes overwhelming!

"What if I am not able to fix that problem...", "What if I will be stuck and will not only lose some marks from a final grade but also my confidence as a programmer...", "What if I will have some issues with setting up the environment...", ""What if...", "What if..."

It seemed like I had considered every possible bad scenario.

I did not have a bug and the deadline to pick it was coming up.

I have finally got some courage to ask my professor (David Humphrey) for help. I came into his office and within a few minutes he told me where to go, what to do, whom to ask!

I got connected with Mozilla Debugger's team trough their Slack channel. I got my chance to polish my React skills and get involved in Mozilla's large and friendly community!
Almost immediately Jason Laster has contacted me and suggested to start with this bug. At the same day earlier Dave was discussing how Jason was helpful and assisted my classmate in submitting his first bug!

Even though I am still a bit confused about a lot of things, it is nice to know that there are people who are ready to hold your hand when you are doing your baby steps!

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