Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How to contribute to open source without coding skills?

The first thought that you have right now is probably: "It's not possible, she does not know what she is talking about". But give me a chance to prove my point.

If you know languages, you can contribute to open source projects. It doesn't matter if you know "human" or programming languages. Most of the big projects are in need of localization. And if you know more than one "human" language: it's your chance to shine! 

I am a localization contributor as well. I have recently started to translate for Visual Studio Code, so this is what you need to do to join the community:

Step 1: Get a transifex account (it's completely free).

Step 2: Request access to the project.

Step 3: Start contributing!

The website has user-friendly interface, but if you need detailed instruction on how to get started once you have joined an organization, here it is:

1) From your home page go to "Dashboard"

2) Select the project you want to work on

3) Click on "Translate"

4) If translating is available in a few languages you know, you will be asked to select one

5) You will also be asked to select a resource, it is just a subsection of a project

6) On the left you will see a few subcategories of strings

7) On the right side there is a panel where you can suggest translation or vote for one

I have noticed that community is in need of contributors. To have your translation be accepted you need to have 1 more vote from another contributor. I have translated a few strings and most of them were not reviewed due to lack of contributors.

And the whole translating process it quite pleasant. It feels like playing a game and may even be addictive. I noticed that when I get involved: it's hard to stop.

Even if you don't want to translate strings you may start as a reviewer, just get involved with terminology and you will be a great fit to translators' community! And don't worry, you will be recognized and even included in release notes under "thank you" header!

Just imagine how many people will see our name and will benefit from 20-30 minutes of your time!

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