Thursday, April 5, 2018

Release 0.5: Mozilla addons-frontend experience

Welcome to the project: Mozilla Style

When I was writing my previous blogpost about my experience with Mozilla, I didn't get a lot of interaction at that point, but on the next day my pull request was noticed and a lot of interesting things have happened to me.

First of all, my PR got merged!

Second thing: I was added to the recognition wiki! It's a small detail, but it made me feel special and valued!

Community manager(yes, that's a thing in Mozilla) invited me to become a Mozillian and vouched me!

My next steps: fixing more issues

Inspired by all the good things that had happened to me I started working on a new bug. I could not reproduce the bug, I was getting an error:

1]  Error: Error calling: /api/v3/accounts/profile/ (status: 500)
[1]     at createApiError (/.../addons-frontend/src/core/api/index.js:59:20)
[1]     at /.../addons-frontend/src/core/api/index.js:189:24
[1]     at <anonymous>
[1]     at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:228:7)
[1] [2018-03-28T15:37:02.561Z] ERROR: server/86882 on mac...: Caught error during rendering: Error: Error calling: /api/v3/accounts/profile/ (status: 500) (app=amo)
[1] [2018-03-28T15:37:02.561Z] ERROR: server/86882 on mac...: Showing 500 page for error: Error: Error calling: /api/v3/accounts/profile/ (status:500) (app=amo)
[1] [2018-03-28T15:37:02.562Z] ERROR: server/86882 on mac...: Error calling: /api/v3/accounts/profile/ (status: 500) (app=amo)
[1]     Error: Error calling: /api/v3/accounts/profile/ (status: 500)
[1]         at createApiError (/.../addons-frontend/src/core/api/index.js:59:20)
[1]         at /.../addons-frontend/src/core/api/index.js:189:24
[1]         at <anonymous>
[1]         at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:228:7)
[1] Warning: Failed prop type: The prop `component` is marked as required in `ServerHtml`, but its value is `undefined`.
[1]     in ServerHtml
[2] [2018-03-28T15:37:02.567Z]  INFO: proxy/86875 on mac...: 500 ~> (app=amo)

So I wrote a comment that I needed some help in the issue and moved on to another one. With some help of Chrome Developer Tools, I have located React Component and it's SCSS class that needed a change. I have submitted my PR request and only after that I have noticed a comment from Mozilla Member:

   Hi @svitlana-galianova, thanks for your interest but I'm going to be taking this issue. 😄 
   You can have a look at our "contrib: good first bugs" issues to find issues to contribute to.

I felt a bit out of place... Matt was super friendly about the situation and helped me to perfect my PR, so now it's fixed and merged!

And I had some more free time to come back an work on the issue, I started to work on, but was facing some blockers. I tried using another server instead of amo:stage, I started amo:dev and I was able to overcome my blocker and move on with the issue.

The problem in this issue was lack of space between the image and badge:
screen shot 2018-04-02 at 9 54 22 am

And of course that's a margin issue, so using Chrome Developer Tools again I was able to locate the place where this issue occurred. Matt reviewed my PR again, so after a bit of discussion: my fix was merged!

I have also started working on the third issue. To solve this issue I needed to find a way for this window to look good with text of different length:

English version:
screen shot 2018-04-02 at 1 08 24 pm
German version:
screen shot 2018-04-05 at 12 51 50 pm

After a bit of a research I have found width: fit-content property and fixed it, so my third PR is also merged now.

And as I thought that my Release 0.5 was complete, I had discovered that I have accidentally fixed another issue with one PR. I was going through the issues for my next release and I came across it, because it looked similar to what I just did. I expected to fix it real quick, but I didn't even have to do anything, since I had already fixed it.

I decided to take a look at issues for Release 0.6 and I found out that the issue I fixed for Release 0.4 got reopened, because the person who requested it needed another related small fix. I decided to fix it as well, so I submitted another PR and it landed without any changes requested by developers!

Good things happen after you make a right choice

I am so happy I switched to Mozilla Addons-frontend project!

That's the right place for me. I feel motivated to work with Open Source again. I don't feel the pressure of doing something not enjoyable anymore. And I feel good about myself! I am useful to the community and I am quite ok/good with what I do!

I think that's the place I hoped to be in the first place. It's nice to see the time you spend on something pays back and you get results. Nothing motivates me better than a success. And now I know another my programming strength: fixing React and SCSS issues.

Another good sign: the due date for this Release is in a few days and I am almost done! It has finally happened again: I have managed to become calm and happy again, I am not worried about homework. I enjoy working on Open Source and I get complimentary grades. That's awesome!

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